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Keep Your Smile Sweet This Halloween

Every October dental professionals across the country seek to promote the importance of dental hygiene and the connection between a healthy, balanced diet and good oral health. "There are several preventative measures that can be taken to ensure this Halloween season will help minimize the risk of tooth decay or damage," explains Dr. Nancy Bui.

Frequently eating chocolates, candy, and other sweets can create an ideal environment for decay-causing bacteria, which contributes to toothaches, sensitivity, and cavities. This also leads to plaque, a sticky substance made of bacteria that thrive on sugars and carbohydrates and produce harmful acid that attack your teeth. This attack by bacterial acid, lasting 20 minutes or more,can lead to a loss of tooth mineral and, eventually, to cavities, the American Dental Association explains.

Candy that is sticky or hard tends to remain in the mouth for a longer period of time and can be more harmful than softer candy, like chocolate, which washes away easier with saliva. Choosing treats that are sugar free is one way to help reduce the amount of harmful bacteria your mouth is fighting. Hard, sticky candy can also wreak havoc on your dental work, including orthodontics,bridges, and crowns, and you should always exercise caution in those cases.

Help us promote good dental hygiene and bring a sweet smile to our Trick-or-Treaters.

For more information about National Dental Hygiene Month or to support the candy buy back program please contact, Dr. Nancy Bui at 817-466-9972 or email us at

Dr. Nancy Bui