Newsletter - July Issue

Today's Dental Technology Reduces Your Time in the Chair

Arlington, Texas – July is the month we celebrate our independence, and this year you can celebrate your freedom at the dentist office too. Dental advancements in laser therapy. Tooth restorations and teeth whitening reduce the time you spend in the dental chair and the amount of visits to your dental office.

Today's technology has moved even routine dental visits into the 21st century. Digital x-rays have replaced traditional radiographs, virtually eliminating the processing time and reducing the amount of radiation by 70%.

The advancements in dental technology have reduced the amount of visits patients for treatment of periodontal disease,uses laser technology to treat gum infections without the need for traditional scalpel surgery. It has significantly reduced healing time with dramatically healthy results. "We know that not everyone is as excited about dentistry as we are, but maybe they should be! We want our patients to have the very best in dental technologies and treatments because they are like family to us. says Dr. Nancy Bui.

Teeth whitening have also benefited from advanced technology and materials. With the ZOOM system, a brighter, dazzling smile is now possible with predictable results.

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