Newsletter - February 2016

Did you know that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children? It affects 25 percent of U.S. Children ages 6 to 11 and less than 2 percent of 1 year olds have visited the dentist.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is the destruction of the hard, outer layer of your teeth (the enamel), which can affect people of all ages including children and even infants.

What causes decay, and how can it be prevented?

Consuming too many sugary drinks and snacks can cause tooth decay.

When should your child see the dentist?

The ideal time for a first dental visit is six months after our child's first tooth erupts, or by his or her first birthday. After the first visit, your child should see Dr. Bui every six months.

How can I protect my child's oral health at home?

As a parent, you are responsible for maintaining your child's oral hygiene at home until he or she is old enough to take responsibility for brushing and flossing. To properly care for your child's teeth, follow these tips:

  • Clean your infant's gums with a clean, damp cloth after each feeding.
  • Monitor excessive sucking of pacifiers, fingers, and thumbs to avoid teeth misalignment.
  • Encourage our child to drink tap or fountain water. If you buy bottled water, make sure that is fluoridated. Fluoride makes the entire tooth structure more resistant to decay and promotes remineralization.
  • As soon as your child's first teeth come in, begin brushing them with a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and water. If you are considering using toothpaste before your child's second birthday, be sure to first ask Dr. Bui.
  • When your child is old enough, encourage him or her to brush to build self-confidence. Always monitor your child's brushing technique and thoroughness.

Remember: The best way to teach your child how to brush is to lead by example. Allow your child to watch you brush your teeth to promote good oral hygiene. Talk to Dr. Bui for more information about how to care for your child's teeth. Please call our office at 817-466-9972 to schedule your children appointment or if you have any dental concerns.

Talk to Dr. Bui today for more brushing and flossing tips. Call our office 817-466-9972.

Have a great day!

Dr. Nancy Bui