Newsletter - August Issue

Check with Your Dentist before You Head Back to School

Arlington, Texas – The end of the summer ushers in the beginning of the new school year for an estimated 56 million students this fall and Dr. Nancy Bui wants everyone to start the season off right. This month is designated as National Immunization Awareness month and healthcare providers around the country are supporting the healthy back-to-school initiative.

Every year the American Dental Association and Dr. Nancy Bui join together to remind parents and caregivers to include a dental examination as part of their children's back-to-school health routines. We are advocating that these appointments include immunizations and an all-over health check-up, as well as a dental check-up with our office.

"What some people are not aware of is that many issues involving overall health can be detected, monitored and treated in the mouth," explains Dr. Nancy Bui. Poor oral health and tooth decay can affect a child's physical health and even bring down their performance in school.

The American Heart Association sites that harmful decay-causing bacteria can enter the bloodstream from the mouth and cause serious health concerns. Proper nutrition, oral home care and dental examinations are the best defense against harmful bacteria and decay.

Tooth decay is the most chronic disease affecting children and, unfortunately, it is not treated with immunizations or by physicians. "We are reaching out to our community to create the awareness that back-to-school check-ups are essential to ensure our children are getting a healthy start to their education this year," says Dr. Nancy Bui.

By staying on top of the latest in preventative care and dental technology, Dr. Nancy Bui is able to provide complete evaluations and education with a proactive approach for long-lasting oral and overall health.

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